Contest to celebrate new website

Contest to celebrate new website

To celebrate the new website, we have set up a contest. In this contest you will need to explore the new website to answer the following three questions:

  1. List, in order, the 3 songs that have the most song versions (notice: distinct song versions, not the amount of tracks) . Also include the amount of versions for those songs. Do not count versions labeled “sheet music”.
  2. What is the venue that Mary has played the most in inside of Ireland (since 1999)?
  3. What is the venue that Mary has played the most in outside of Ireland (since 1999)?

Send in your answers to no later than Wednesday 28 February 2018.
DO NOT post the answers in replies to the mailing list or on social media; this will disqualify you from this and any future contests.

From the correct entries, we will draw 10 winners. All winners will receive a signed copy of the Down The Crooked Road album and the Marguerite and the Gambler promo CD. The first three winners will also be able to choose a rare LP from the list below, with the first prize winner having first choice, then the second prize winner and the remaining LP is for the third prize winner:

  1. Mary Black Collected which contains the following three tracks that have never been released on CD: Love’s Endless War, Everything That Touches Me and Don’t Explain (1984 studio version).
  2. The Best of Mary Black which contains two rare tracks: The single version of Past The Point Of Rescue and the track I Just Wanna Dance With You.
  3. De Dannan - Song for Ireland, which contains the very first recording of Song for Ireland by Mary.

We will announce the winners on 1 March on the website. Each winner will also be contacted personally.

Good luck.