New website design

New website design

I am happy to let you know that Mary Black’s website has been completely redesigned. The new site has a different look and adapts to all kinds of device sizes automatically. Whether you access it on smartphones, tablets or computers with large monitors, the site will automatically adapt to the available screen size.

The discography section is also updated and now lists all the different versions of a song that exist. There is even a sound clip for (almost) every version of every song that you can listen to. Older sound clips that were taken from vinyl records have also been replaced by cleaned up versions that sound much better.

The new site has also been made usable for people who are vision impaired and who need to use screen readers (thanks to Dominique Farrell for helping me test this extensively).

As the Mary Black iOS app uses the website to retrieve it’s data from and the new website is built on a different server technology, the Mary Black app may give some issues for a few days. The problem is that I cannot test and submit an updated version of the app to Apple for review until the new website has gone live. But when the new website goes live, the current iOS app version does not work anymore. I’ll test the updated app as soon as possible and hope that the review by Apple will also be swift. I am sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.

To celebrate the new website, we have set up a contest in which we will give away 10 signed copies of the Down The Crooked Road album combined with the Marguerite and the Gambler promo CD. And three winners even win a rare LPs, each one with at least one track that is hard to find. For all the details regarding the contest click here.

Mark van Setten