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Better Times Will Come

Janis Ian
Better times, better times will come. Better times, better times will come. When this world learns to live as one, oh, better times will come When we greet each dawn without fear knowing loved ones soon will be near When the winds of war cannot blow any more Oh, better times will come CHORUS Though we live each day as our last we know someday soon it will pass We will dance, we will sing in that never-ending spring Oh, better times will come CHORUS REPEAT CHORUS Oh, better times will come

"I was hugely honoured to be asked by my dear friend Janis Ian to be part of a project she’s doing called the ‘Better Times Project’.

She asked a number of her musician friends to record (at home) a version of a song she wrote recently.

Since our time touring together back in the 90’s in Holland and Germany, we became great friends and have stayed in touch down through the years.

Janis is a wonderfully warm and giving person, with a huge talent as a singer songwriter, known throughout the world.

The lyrics and message in this song are so relevant in these troubled times.

The Pearl Foundation in the U.S. is Janis’s preferred charity, however if people would like to donate in Ireland, I’d like to nominate womensaid.ie, a charity close to my heart.

Stay safe,


You can download a free copy of this song in the Discography section.

To donate to Women's Aid, please visit www.womensaid.ie

To view all other versions of this song in the Better Times project, please visit Janis Ian's website.

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