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Home > Discography > Main Releases > By The Time It Gets Dark 30th Anniversary Edition

Mary Black Merchandise
12.95 EUR
  • Tracks
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1 By The Time It Gets Dark 3:45 Remixed  
2 Schooldays Over 2:58 Remixed  
3 Once In A Very Blue Moon 2:37 Remixed  
4 Farewell Farewell 2:43 Remixed  
5 Sparks Might Fly 5:16 Remixed  
6 Katie 4:46 Remixed  
7 Leaving The Land 4:13 Remixed  
8 There Is A Time 2:59 Remixed  
9 Jamie 2:44 Remixed  
10 Leaboys Lassie 2:33 Remixed  
11 Trying To Get The Balance Right 4:45 Remixed  
12 Moon River 3:08 Remixed bonus track (not on vinyl)  
13 Copper Kettle 3:57 Remixed bonus track (not on vinyl)  
14 Wounded Heart 4:01 Bonus track (not on vinyl)  

Hard to believe it’s been 30 years since the release of "By The Time It Gets Dark" in 1987. There’s been a lot of water under the bridge since then and how time flies when you’re busy and having a good time! As it’s always been one of my favourite albums I felt that it deserved to be revisited to celebrate it's 30th anniversary. With that in mind we sent the old 24 track tapes to be baked (a process to preserve them) allowing us to do a complete remix and remaster the album.

We enlisted the services of my great friend and sound engineer Billy Robinson to do the job and I’m delighted with the outcome - it sounds great, even if I say so myself! We added a few bits where needed and I’m happy to see it being released on vinyl again.

It’s been a nice journey revisiting that time and remembering the sights and sounds of life back then.

As we listened closely to some of the tracks, the beautiful voice of Mandy Murphy came through and I felt so sad that she passed away, so young, last year. I wish to dedicate this release to her memory.


 LabelCatalogue NumberDeleted
CD TUCD 040  
LP Pure Pleasure PPAN DARA 027