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Home > Discography > Songs and Lyrics > Bogeys Bonney Belle

Songwriter(s): Traditional. Arrangement Mary Black


Ae Whitsun Day in Huntly toon,
it's there I did agree
Wi' Bogie o' Carnie,
a six-month for tae fee
Tae drive his twa best horses,
tae cart and herry and ploo
And dae ony thing aboot farm work
that I very weel could do
Noo, Bogie had a daughter;
her name was Isabell
The lily o' the valley 
the primrose o' the dell
And when she went out walkin',
she chose me for her guide
Doon by the burn o' Carnie
tae see sma' fishes glide
When six lang months had passed and gane,
this lassie's lost her bloom
The red fell fae her rosy cheeks 
her tears came tumblin' doon
When nine lang months had passed and gane, she brought forth tae me a son
And I was quickly sent for
to see what could be done
I offered for to marry her,
but ah, that wouldny dae
You're no a match for my weeBell,
she's no a match for ye"
Then he sent me packin' doon the road,
wi' nae penny o' my fee
So, a' ye lads o' Huntly side,
a lang farewell tae ye
Noo, she's married a tinker chap,
wha comes fae Huntly toon
Wi' pots and pans and ladles,
he scours the counry `roon
And maybe she's gotten a better match, 
Bogie canna tell
But I was first tae win the heart
o' Bogie's Bonnie Bell

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