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Home > Discography > Songs and Lyrics > Wounded Heart

Songwriter(s): Jude Johnstone


Wounded heart
I cannot save you from myself
Though I wanted to be brave
It never helps

Cause your trouble's like a flood
Raging through you veins
No amount of love’s enough
To end the pain

Tenderness and time can heal
A right gone wrong
But the anger that you feel
Goes on and on

And it’s not enough to know
That I love you still
So, I take my heart and go
For I’ve had my fill

If you listen you can hear
The angels wings
Up above our heads so near
They are hovering

Waiting to reach out for love
When it falls apart
When it cannot rise above
A wounded heart

When it cannot rise above
A wounded heart…

Available on

By The Time It Gets Dark 30th Anniversary Edition Main Releases 2017 Bonus track (not on vinyl)