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Rescheduled Dutch Concert

"As some of you may now we’ve had to reschedule a concert that was planned for Holland later this year. I am happy to say that this concert will now take place at the beautiful Vredenburg Theatre in Utrecht.

I did my Last Call Tour in Europe in 2015 and I planned that as my final tour. However, I had an idea to go to The Netherlands for a weekend and do one special concert. I noticed on my last tour of Ireland that people were coming from many places around Europe to my gigs - a trip to The Netherlands might be an easier option for some people travelling.

The date will be Saturday February 24th 2018 and we are planning to have a meet and greet after the show - I look forward to seeing many of my friends at this special concert, Mary"

Tickets for the concert will go on sale starting 10:00 on Saturday 18 February 2017 at or via Ticketmaster (NL) and Ticketmaster (EN)

As the number of available free tickets for the meet and greet will be limited, you must be able to send proof of purchase of a ticket for the Utrecht concert. Registration for the meet and greet will start at a later date. We’ll let you know when including all the details for the meet and greet soon - Mark Van Setten

Posted on Friday 17 February 2017 10:27 and updated on Friday 27 October 2017 02:41