Mary Black Site as iOS App

If you want you can have easy access to the Mary Black website from your home screen on iOS to the website as if it were an app. Just follow these steps:
  1. Go to Safari on your iOS device and go to the homepage of the Mary Black website at https://www.mary-black.net
  2. Click on the share button (on iPhone it is the center icon on the bottom bar. On iPad you can find it as the first of the 3 icons at the right side of the top bar).
  3. Choose “Add to Homescreen” (or your language’s version of it).
  4. You can then rename it as you see fit (I suggest to just name it Mary Black and remove the default “- Frontpage” text).
  5. Then press “Add”.

You now have an icon on your home screen that will automatically take you to the Mary Black website.

This may also be possible on some Android devices but how that is done differs for each brand so I suggest to just try to find an option in your Android browser that adds it to the home screen.