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Home > Discography > Songs and Lyrics > Bless The Road

Songwriter(s): Steve Cooney


Remember when we walked on hills of heather
Singing weaving mystical rings
Now in a while my precious child
You wil unfurl your wings
And I'll have lost what I believed
Had promised everything
But before you go my friend, my kind companion
Listen to this song I sing

Then go in peace and grow in grace and goodness
Know that you have nothing to fear
And dry your eyes my little one
And let there be no tears
Send me a dream from away beyond
I promise I shall hear
Oh beautifull beloved soul companion
Thank you for those beautifull years

And heaven hold and watch your way forever
May your every dream com true
Forgive all wrong, always be strong
And do what you must do
You stand before this open door
And you must now go through
My precious friend, my own my sweet companion
Bless the road that carries you
My precious friend, myu own my sweet companion
Bless the road that carries you

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